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MOSCOW (JTA) — The deputy secretary of Russia's National Security Council may be removed from the powerful position in the wake of disclosures that he held dual Russian-Israeli citizenship.

Members of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, said recently that they were going to demand that Russian President Boris Yeltsin oust Boris Berezovsky from the Security Council because of their investigation into his dual nationality.

Russian law does not allow a person with more than one passport to hold public office, they said.

Berezovsky, a business tycoon recently turned politician, was appointed to the Security Council four months ago.

Two Moscow newspapers created a furor when they reported that Berezovsky had acquired Israeli citizenship in 1993.

Italian legislators eye Yom HaShoah

MILAN (JTA) — Italian legislators are seeking to establish an annual Holocaust memorial day.

Spearheaded by writer Furio Colombo, a member of Parliament from the ruling left-wing Olive Tree Alliance, the motion proposed that Oct. 16 be designated a "Day of Memory."

On that day in 1943, the Nazis rounded up and deported more than 1,000 Roman Jews.

The motion, backed by some 200 members of Parliament, also calls for using the day to teach the Holocaust and the dangers of racial and religious persecution.

Bosnian Jews settle in permanent home

ZAGREB, Croatia (JTA) — The last Bosnian Jewish refugees in Croatia have been resettled in permanent housing, according to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

"The relatively speaking `massive displacement' of Jews from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia is now a chapter of the past," said Yechiel Bar Chaim, the JDC country director for Croatia.

Hundreds of Bosnian Jews fled to Croatia during the war in Bosnia, either on their own or in convoys organized by the JDC. Hundreds more found refuge in Serbia.

Many went on to settle in Israel, the United States and elsewhere.

Bar Chaim said three of the four Bosnian Jews still in temporary housing in a hotel at Makarska on the Croatian coast were moved to the Ladislav Svarc Jewish Old Age home in Zagreb.