Israeli police say they stopped more Palestinian terror attacks

JERUSALEM — Israeli security officials say they have thwarted several terror attacks since last week's fatal suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Israeli security officials released no details about the potential attacks, which had been planned for recent days, while they continued to hunt for additional suspects in the Tel Aviv bombing.

Israeli police on Tuesday released three Arab Israeli residents of Umm el-Fahm who had been suspected of involvement in the attack, which killed three women and wounded dozens of others.

Meanwhile, Israeli-Palestinian clashes continued in the West Bank.

Both Israeli and Palestinian forces dispersed Palestinian rioters in Hebron and outside Rachel's Tomb near Bethlehem. As in disturbances earlier in the week, the Israeli soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the demonstrations.

As investigators continued their probe into the bombing, they were trying to determine whether the bomber, who had worked in Israeli restaurants in the Tel Aviv area, had brought the explosives with him from the territories or if he had received them in Israel.

The three Arab Israeli men, freed hours after their arrests became public Tuesday, were arrested this past Saturday. Their names had been found on a note in the pocket of the suicide bomber, 28-year-old Moussa Ghneimat.

Police have determined that the men had no direct connection to the bomber, a resident of the Hebron area. One of the suspects said the note was a business card from his company, which bought poultry from the bomber's family.

Meanwhile, security officials remain split over specific details concerning the attack, but they agree that the Tel Aviv cafe was a deliberate target.

In addition to questioning the bomber's family and friends, Israeli security officials have been arresting Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists in areas under its control in the territories.