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FRANKFURT (JTA) — The city of Nuremberg's decision to honor a major arms manufacturer for the Nazis has spurred demonstrations and clashes.

At a ceremony last week at the Nuremberg Parliament, the city's conservative government praised 90-year-old Karl Diehl for his business accomplishments and for his generous sponsorship of projects aimed at rebuilding the city. Five members of the liberal Green Party walked out of the ceremony .

Diehl's firm reportedly employed slave laborers and concentration camp inmates.

Swiss likens Jewish butchery to Nazism

ZURICH (JTA) — A Swiss man has been sentenced to two months in prison for violating the country's racial hatred laws.

The District Court last week handed down the sentence against Erwin Kessler, who wrote in a brochure that the Jewish ritual slaughter of meat is equivalent to the Nazi killing of Jews during World War II.

The judges said that they had no choice but to send Kessler to jail.