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LONDON (JTA) — A 77-year-old native of Domachevo, now situated on the Polish-Belarus border, will go on trial in London in July on charges that he killed four Jews during World War II.

Andrezj Sawoniuk, who later changed his name to Anthony, immigrated to Britain after the war and worked on the railroad.

He will face charges of killing two men and two women in Domachevo, then under Nazi occupation, in 1942. He has denied the charges.

The only previous war crimes suspect to have been charged in Britain, 87-year-old Szymon Serafinowicz, was declared mentally and physically unfit to stand trial. He died shortly after the case was abandoned.

Pope's Mideast trip may begin in Iraq

ROME (JTA) — Pope John Paul II may soon be walking in the footsteps of Abraham.

An aide to the pope was in Iraq this week to discuss the possibility of the pope's visiting that country as part of a long anticipated papal tour of Middle East states to mark the start of the new millennium.

The first stop on his trip could be the Iraqi town of Ur, the birthplace of Abraham, who is revered by Christians and Muslims as well as by Jews.

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray is spending five days in Iraq as part of a mission that also takes him to Israel and Jordan, where he will hold similar discussion about a papal tour to the Middle East.

The pope has long expressed his dream of making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to mark the year 2000.

In an interview in Baghdad published in the Rome daily La Repubblica, Etchegaray confirmed that the pope would like to convene a meeting of Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Are more Nazis hiding in Argentina?

BARILOCHE, Argentina (JTA) — Israel's ambassador to Argentina said the Andean resort town of Bariloche is full of Nazis.

"Erich Priebke was not the last one," Itzhak Aviran said this week. "There are more war criminals, Nazis and anti-Semites here."

Aviran was referring to the Italian war criminal who was extradited to Italy from Argentina and sentenced earlier this year to life imprisonment by a Rome appeals court for his role in Italy's worst wartime massacre.

Aviran was in Bariloche to open an exhibition of photographs from the Warsaw Ghetto.