Auto test denied to girl in bikini

JERUSALEM — The religious-secular conflict in Israel has made its mark on driving license exams.

An observant driving inspector in Haifa refused this week to give a driving test to an 18-year-old on the grounds that she was provocatively dressed.

"I didn't understand what he wanted from me," said Shiran Friedman, who showed up for the test in jeans and a bikini top. "All he needs to do is to test my driving and not my dress."

Her teacher agreed with her and complained to Yisrael Barami's superiors. The Transportation Ministry summoned Barami for a disciplinary hearing Tuesday.

But Israel's Histadrut labor federation intervened, saying the instructor had a right not to test a person who offended his sensibilities and should not be subject to a disciplinary hearing.

Friedman received her license after being tested by another inspector.