Haredim protest new road

JERUSALEM — Posters declaring Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert a "murderer" were tacked up in Mea Shearim on Thursday of last week.

The posters also called for renewed protests against work on the new road in Pisgat Ze'ev in northern Jerusalem.

Work on the road resumed this week after a six-month hiatus, following a ruling by the Jerusalem Rabbinical Council that any bones found on the route of the road may be moved and reburied elsewhere.

Following the ruling, the Moriah Construction company — the municipality's contractors — cleared an area for the bones to be reburied.

On Monday, the Antiquities Authority began exploratory work to determine the location and number of graves. The authority has thus far discovered five graves, but it expects to uncover many more. Excavations will not begin until after the graves have been located.

As the posters indicate, however, some haredim (fervently religious) do not accept the ruling.

The posters in Mea Shearim also contained criticisms of Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Uri Lupolianski by Degel Hatorah, the haredi party that had received the ruling from the rabbinical council.

The posters were signed "The Committee for Guarding our Forefathers' Graves," and by the Atra Kadisha, a volunteer haredi organization that fights grave desecration.

"I believe that this is a fringe group of people who do not understand the issue," said Aharon Agasso, Lupolianski's assistant. "The rabbinical council gave us a halachic ruling and we will follow that ruling."