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LONDON (JTA) — A follower of Louis Farrakhan is creating an uproar in Britain.

Jewish leaders in Britain are calling for Paul Twino to be prosecuted on charges of inciting racial hatred after Twino accused the British government of capitulating to its "Hebraic puppeteers" when it barred the Nation of Islam leader from entering Britain last month.

Twino also said in a letter to British Home Secretary Jack Straw that the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the representative body of British Jewry, is a "loathsome and slanderous generation of talmudic vipers."

"With insolence unparalleled," Twino wrote, "the Jews have been shameless in their mutilation of his utterances.

The Board of Deputies' director-general, Neville Nagler, said Twino's language was "consistently offensive and insulting."

"It is highly abusive toward the Jewish people and has many passages which reflect the writer's hatred toward members of our community."

A spokesperson for the prosecutors office said it was deciding whether to move against Twino.

Rabbi asks Lithuania to give scrolls to Israel

MOSCOW (JTA) — Israel's chief Ashkenazi rabbi has asked Lithuania to transfer dozens of Torah scrolls to the Jewish state.

The scrolls, currently housed in the Baltic nation's main library, are at the center of a dispute between Lithuania and Jewish groups, both in Lithuania and abroad, over the ownership of a large repository of Judaica material.

More than 300 Torahs and some 52,000 Hebrew and Yiddish books were moved to the library after they were found languishing in a church in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital.

Yisrael Meir Lau, who visited the Baltic nation in July, told Lithuanian President Valdus Adamkus that "museums and libraries are not an appropriate place" for religious items, according to Simonas Alperavicius, chairman of the Lithuanian Jewish community.

With only two functioning synagogues, Lithuanian Jews cannot make use of most of the scrolls.

The Lithuanian Parliament seems unlikely to approve any request to release the scrolls from the national library. Most of the lawmakers believe the scrolls are part of Lithuania's national heritage and should remain in the country.

3 teenagers detained in Buchenwald attack

BERLIN (JTA) — German authorities have arrested three teenagers in connection with the desecration of a memorial sculpture at Buchenwald.

The suspects are part of a group of youths in the eastern German town of Weimar that is connected to extremist organizations, authorities said. Two of them have previously been charged with bodily attacks and property damage.

The youths, who claimed they had no political motives for the attack, told police that they had been drinking heavily prior to driving to the former Nazi concentration camp site.

Visitors to Buchenwald discovered July 28 that vandals had damaged the figure of a child by partially sawing through one of the figure's legs. The child represents the 9,000 children who survived Buchenwald. An estimated 56,000 people died at the camp, including about 11,000 Jewish victims.