Mideast Report

HEBRON (JPS) — The army's inquiry into complaints that delays at a roadblock near Hebron last week caused the death of a newborn Palestinian baby has revealed that the soldiers staffing the checkpoint made a mistake in judgment.

On Tuesday night of last week, a Palestinian vehicle had approached an army roadblock between Hebron and Beit Kahil. The area under Israeli control in Hebron was closed and under curfew at the time, following the murder of Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan in Tel Rumeida on Aug. 20.

The car's driver told the soldiers he had a pregnant woman with him and needed to take her to Aliya Hospital in order to give birth. The soldiers did not identify any signs of an emergency case and refused to allow the car through because of the curfew.

The woman, Fadwa Adam, 24, was apparently, already in labor and subsequently gave birth in the car. Her husband was forced to make a long detour to reach the hospital, where the newborn infant was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Israeli singer bows to Hamas threats

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A popular Israeli performer has canceled a planned concert in the West Bank town of Nablus because of Hamas threats.

Zehava Benn, who has performed in packed concert halls in the Palestinian town, had first viewed the Islamic fundamentalist group's threats as a joke.

But this week she decided to cancel her next appearance after word was passed around Nablus that anyone attending the concert, including herself, would be taking a risk.

Benn has appeared frequently before Arab audiences in Israel, the Palestinian self-rule areas and neighboring Arab states.