For 5759, Weizman invites Jews to Israel

Dear Friends,

During this past year Israel celebrated her 50th anniversary. Looking back there was indeed much of which to be proud. Our country has grown and developed and has a thriving economy, a level of technology among the most advanced in the world, impressive scientific research, highly developed agriculture and a very rich cultural life. This, despite the internal and external problems we face.

Unfortunately, the much needed and longed for peace with all our neighbors has not yet been realized, but the peace process is still continuing. It is a very difficult and protracted process with many painful contentions, but all sides involved have too much to lose not to pursue it. I, therefore, believe that eventually we will attain the goal of living in peace with our neighbors.

During the past year we also justifiably celebrated the 50th anniversary of legal immigration to Israel. We have had great success in meeting the Zionist challenge of absorbing immigrants from all over the world, and Israel's population has increased tenfold to 6 million people since the country achieved independence. Unfortunately, not all our brethren in the diaspora have chosen to realize the Zionist dream. At this opportunity, I, once again, wish to call on all our brothers and sisters throughout the world to join us. Not only will you be strengthening our country, but you will also be ensuring the survival of your future generation.

May we, during the coming year, see the fulfillment of our prayers for peace and prosperity, and may we look ahead to an ever brighter future for Israel and the Jewish people.

Shanah Tovah u'Gemar Hatima Tovah.