Three young lives lost in violence leading up to Middle East summit

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Israeli security forces said they believe Hamas is responsible for the attacks on the Israelis.

In Hebron last week, Israel Defense Force troops were dispersing Palestinian rioters protesting the city's closure when a rubber bullet struck 21-year-old Imjad Jimal Natshe of Jordan in the head.

Natshe, who was apparently visiting family in Hebron, was taken to the city's hospital in critical condition and died during surgery.

About 10 Palestinians were injured in the rioting. One victim was an Agence France Press photographer, Husam Abu Alam, who was shot with a rubber bullet in the head and admitted to Ahli Hospital in serious condition.

The next morning in the West Bank, 19-year-old Cpl. Michal Adato was stabbed to death by a Palestinian man, minutes after getting off a bus about 1,000 feet from her home in the Tomer settlement in the Jordan Valley.

Adato was returning home to spend the weekend with her family when she was allegedly attacked by Imad Omar Kamil, 34, from the village of Kabatya. He was shot in the legs by a passing soldier as he tried to flee the scene and was captured.

Police said that Kamil stabbed Adato repeatedly with a large, wooden-handled kitchen knife with a 5-inch blade until she collapsed at the roadside at around 10:30 a.m., dying shortly after from her wounds.

Adato, who had just completed an officers' training course, was not carrying a weapon.

Kamil was admitted in good condition to Hadassah-University Hospital in Ein Kerem, where he is being held under guard.

And finally on Tuesday afternoon, terrorists shot and killed Itamar Doron, 24, and seriously wounded Ilan Mazon, 25, in what police believe was a premeditated attack at a spring near Moshav Ora, just outside Jerusalem.

Doron of Ora and Mazon, a resident of the neighboring Moshav Aminadav, were bathing in the small spring, which served them as a mikvah (ritual bath), when the Arab attackers shot them, Mazon told police.

The spring is in a wadi that separates Ora and Aminadav from the Arab villages of Batir and Walaja.

The terrorists fled in Doron's station wagon, abandoning it in Walaja. The IDF sealed the village and has been searching for the suspects, who they believe fled into a Palestinian Authority-controlled area.

Two passersby discovered the two wounded men at about 12:30 p.m. Binyamin Penjel, 52, said he had heard the gunshots. Penjel saw a badly bleeding Mazon and the other passerby trying to drag Doron from the spring.

"Mazon shouted, `We've been here for half an hour, help us! Save us!' I had to go back up to the main road to call an ambulance," Penjel said.

By the time the ambulance arrived, Doron had died from his wounds. A fire department rescue team pulled his body from the water, and medics unsuccessfully attempted to revive him.

Mazon, who was shot in the chest and abdomen, was operated on for three hours at Hadassah-University Hospital in Ein Kerem, and was listed in serious but stable condition.

Before he was taken to the hospital, Mazon told police at least two Arabs shot them.

Police questioned some 40 Arabs in the area following the attack.

Doron and Mazon both served in the army before they became religiously observant in the last few years and affiliated with the Braslav Chassidim. The pair bathed often in the spring, which is considered especially holy because it was blessed by Rabbi Yitzhak Kadourie.