Israel captures 3 linked to killing of yeshiva students

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Meanwhile, security forces remain on high alert, anticipating that Hamas will try to carry out attacks in response to the signing of the Wye Memorandum.

According to the IDF spokesman, Rihan admitted he was the cell commander and received orders to carry out attacks from Awad Awadallah, who with his brother was killed by the IDF last month.

Following the attack, the three reportedly notified Awadallah and later placed two bombs in the Nablus area. On Sept. 11, they planted a roadside bomb near Kadumim, and several days prior to their capture the three also planted a bomb near an IDF base at Mount Eval, according to the IDF.

The three allegedly confessed during questioning and informed security forces of the location of the second device, and the IDF detonated it.

Responding to the capture of the terrorists who allegedly murdered his brother, Yehuda Liebman called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to demand that the Palestinians hand over a fourth member of the cell who was arrested by the Palestinian security forces.