Israeli soldier allegedly killed for speaking Russian

Shafshovitch, 22, of Kiryat Malachi, was buried Sunday.

The family emigrated from Moldava three years ago to escape anti-Semitism there, said Shafshovitch's twin brother, Eduard, who also was injured in the fight.

According to police, the twins and several friends had been sitting in an Ashkelon cafe when the people at the adjoining table took offense because they were speaking Russian instead of Hebrew.

Other patrons joined the argument, which turned into a brawl, in which Shafshovitch was stabbed to death and three others were lightly to moderately injured.

Police have arrested four people, including a former police officer.

Knesset member Marina Solodkin of the Yisrael Ba'aliya Party has asked Inspector Gen. Yehuda Wilk to determine procedures to handle the problem of violence against new immigrants.