Israel compiles dirty list on Holocaust

"These are archives which create conditions that stop Holocaust investigative scholars, researchers and plain Jews searching for the truth from getting information contained within them," Brown said.

The list includes both public and private organizations. Among them:

*The Czech Republic's federal state archive and the country's Jewish museum, located in Prague.

*The Stuermer archives at Nuremberg in Germany.

*The Vatican — including all state and church archives.

*The commission investigating crimes against the Polish nation and the Polish state archives.

*The national archive of Russia, which is currently open but from which information is very expensive to access, and the KGB and other military archives at Podolsk.

*The British MI-5 secret service archive and that of the custodian of enemy property.

*Italian-based insurer Assicurazioni Generali, which holds information relating to more than 330,000 Holocaust era policies.

*Various other private and corporate archives, particularly of German industry, insurance companies, churches and hospitals.

At the London gold conference a year ago, Israel declared there are no longer reasons for archives to withhold information.

"We as the Jewish people have the right to know everything that happened — there are no more secrets," said Brown. "We call on all archives, national, corporate, private, organizational — that contain information about this period to open up."