Mideast Report

TEL AVIV (JTA) — An 85-year-old Tel Aviv man was listed in stable condition this week after choking on a jelly doughnut, one of the traditional foods eaten during Chanukah.

Rescue officials said a piece of the doughnut became lodged in the windpipe of the victim, who was unconscious when emergency teams arrived.

Some settlers say they'll move if paid

JERUSALEM (JTA)– Residents of a Jewish settlement that became surrounded by Palestinian self-rule areas after last month's troop redeployment in the West Bank said they would accept compensation to move.

In a letter to a member of the Knesset, 39 of the 43 families living in the settlement of Ganim wrote that they would be open to such an arrangement. The letter was sent after a shooting attack Monday of last week near Jenin, in which a resident of a nearby settlement was wounded.

Non-Orthodox named to religious councils

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Representatives of the Reform and Conservative movements have been appointed to religious councils in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem and Kiryat Tivon.

The appointments came this week after Israel's High Court of Justice ruled that the councils must accept representatives of these movements. The approval of the appointments came from an official in the Prime Minister's Office after Interior Minister Eli Suissa refused to ratify them.

Patriot missiles sent to Israel before visit

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The United States sent several Patriot anti-missile batteries to Israel over the past week as part of a U.S.-Israeli military exercise.

Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said three groups of the missiles, including three launchers, were moved to Israel from Europe, but declined to directly link the move to President Clinton's visit.

Industrial park opens at Gaza-Israel border

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli, American and Palestinian trade officials took part in a ceremony this week inaugurating the opening of an industrial park at the Karni Crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Despite the show of good will and cooperation, the Palestinian Authority reportedly allowed Israeli Trade Minister Natan Sharansky to participate only after U.S. officials pressured them.