World Report

BERLIN (JTA) — Hundreds of people demonstrated in Berlin this week to protest the decision of a far-right party to move its headquarters to a building once owned by a Jewish family.

The Republican Party, which was founded by former Nazi SS member Franz Schoenhuber, emphasizes nationalism, xenophobia and anti-European sentiments in its platform. The Berlin Jewish community and the Social Democratic Party organized the protest against the largest of Germany's far-right parties.

Croatian indicted in wartime killings

ZAGREB, Croatia (JTA) — A commander of Croatia's most notorious concentration camp during World War II has been indicted for war crimes.

The move came six months after Dinko Sakic was extradited from Argentina. Sakic was charged with the deaths of more than 2,000 people when he was at the Jasenovac concentration camp during the war.

WJC unlikely to deter German bank merger

BERLIN (JTA) — The World Jewish Congress said it probably won't attempt to block a proposed merger involving a German bank that is being sued by Holocaust survivors.

A WJC source said this week that representatives of Deutsche Bank have been "sincere and genuine" in discussions regarding restitution. Deutsche Bank is attempting to take over the U.S.-based Bankers Trust Corp.