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HAVANA (JTA) — The American branches of ORT plan to begin providing computer training in Cuba for the first time in 40 years. The move comes after a delegation from the World ORT Union visited Cuba last month at the invitation of the local Jewish community.

During that visit, ORT agreed to provide a fully equipped computer laboratory and set up a computer-training program for children, teens and adults.

Danger is not over for Jews in Kosovo

ROME (JTA) — The leader of Kosovar Albanians has issued a written promise to safeguard Kosovar Jews and their property.

Hashim Thaci met twice in recent days with a special envoy of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, to whom he issued a letter ordering "the entire Kosovo Liberation Army under my control to respect and protect all the Jews of Kosovo."

But members of the tiny Jewish community remain under threat of revenge attacks from Kosovar Albanians. Over the weekend, three Jews were evacuated to Macedonia from Kosovo, where there are believed to be about 40 Jews remaining.

Argentina to expel former camp head

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — Argentina plans to expel a retired college professor after postwar documents were found providing evidence that he was a Croatian concentration camp commander during World War II.

The Argentine Jewish group DAIA discovered the 1946 documents implicating Mirko Eterovic and 60 other Croatian Nazis who found haven in Argentina after the war in the murders of some 800,000 people in camps run by Croatia's Ustashe puppet regime.

Austria refusing to return paintings

NEW YORK (JTA) — An Austrian commission has refused to return to Jewish families in North America five paintings by Gustav Klimt that were looted by the Nazis.

But the commission, which ruled last week, did agree to return 16 drawings by Klimt and 19 porcelain settings.

Lawyers for the family said they would sue if necessary to regain the five artworks, estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.