World Report

NEW YORK (JTA) — Germany is investigating two Jewish members of the World War II Resistance on charges they attempted to poison more than 2,000 imprisoned SS veterans after the war, according to the Times of London.

The possible case against Leipke Distel, 77, and Joseph Harmatz, 74, has prompted neo-Nazi groups to say they will cover the costs of any former SS workers who come forward to testify. The two men were members of a Jewish group known as The Avengers.

Courts rule against war compensation

BERN (JTA) — Switzerland's highest court has rejected a wartime Jewish refugee's claim for compensation for his expulsion from the country in 1943.

But the court also ruled late last month to give Joseph Spring some $63,000 — exactly the amount he had sought for compensation — for the time and effort it took him to bring the case to court.

Spring was sent to a Nazi death camp along with two cousins after Switzerland refused to give them asylum during the war. His cousins later died at Auschwitz.

Meanwhile, a German court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by two former Holocaust-era slave laborers.

The court decided late last month that the statute of limitations had expired. Two Danes had brought the suit against auto parts manufacturer Robert Bosch, seeking $20,000 apiece for having worked 12 hours a day for the firm in 1944 and 1945.

Police say attack wasn't anti-Semitic

TORONTO (JTA) — An attack on two elderly Jewish men outside a Toronto synagogue last August was not an anti-Semitic hate crime, according to a Toronto police detective who has made two arrests in the case and expects a third soon.

The lead-pipe beatings of Silvain Miller, 66, and Jacob Lazar, 79, outside Torath Emeth Jewish Center involved "a case of mistaken identity," the detective said.

Hitler's Mercedes won't be auctioned

OTTAWA (JTA) — A black Mercedes limousine that Hitler regularly used won't be sold to anyone, according to an official with Canada's War Museum.

The officials said this week that the board of the Ottawa-based museum reached the decision after about 200 Canadians objected to the museum's plan to auction off the limo.