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JERUSALEM (JPS) — Leo Falcam, the president of Micronesia, arrived Tuesday for a four-day visit that included meetings with President Moshe Katsav and Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

The first Micronesian leader to tour Israel, Falcam represents a country — with the exception of the United States — with the best voting record in the United Nations when it comes to Israel.

Hagai Shagrir of the Foreign Ministry says there are three reasons for Micronesia's support in the United Nations: First, "the majority of its residents are Christian, and view Israel as the Promised Land." Second, its foreign policy has followed that of the United States since its independence in 1986, because it is dependent on the United States for economic aid. Third, Micronesia is grateful to Israel for being the first non-Asian country to recognize its independence.

Micronesia has diplomatic relations with some 50 countries around the world, but no Arab nations.

More lesbian moms get court consideration

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel's attorney general will soon weigh in on whether a rabbinical court can prevent a lesbian from meeting with the biological children of her partner.

The Supreme Court sought the attorney general's opinion while considering a petition submitted by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, on behalf of a lesbian couple protesting a received order issued by the rabbinical court. According to an official, the ex-husband of one of the women sought the ban.

In late May, the high court ruled in favor of a lesbian couple with children to legally register the non-biological parent also as the mother.

Techie teaser lures teens to elite force

TEL AVIV (JTA) — Teenage computer whizzes able to solve an Internet riddle can win cash prizes and a chance to serve in an elite Israeli army intelligence unit.

Daily Yediot Achronot reported that the riddle at www.codeguru.co.il/instruction.asp was posted to identify and attract top-notch recruits.

Those who advance to the final rounds of the contest will be invited to interview for the unit, whose graduates comprise 60 percent of Israeli high-tech start-up entrepreneurs.

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