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MOSCOW (JTA) — More than 160 Jews from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are expected to participate in a series of Jewish Agency for Israel seminars beginning this week aimed at preparing youngsters to immigrate to Israel.

According to Jewish Agency reports, 650 people have moved to Israel since the beginning of the year from the Baltic states, which are currently home to an estimated 25,000 Jews.

Based on Israel's Law of Return policy, all Jews in the diaspora have the option of immigrating to the Jewish state.

More Berlin clashes, political tensions rise

BERLIN (JTA) — More than 1,000 far-right demonstrators and some 3,000 anti-racist counter demonstrators clashed here on Saturday during the second far-right demonstration held in Germany's capital this month.

The growing far-right protest movement is angry at government plans to ban the National Democratic Party as part of a crackdown against extremism.

Last week, German security officials met to discuss proposals to ban neo-Nazi groups from holding marches at Holocaust memorials and other sensitive locations.

In related news, a German court plans to start proceedings next week against an 82-year-old man for allegedly gunning down seven Jewish concentration camp inmates after doctors determined Julius Viel is fit to stand trial.

Additionally, prosecutors are bringing murder charges against a former Nazi SS guard who served at the Terezin camp in the nowCzech Republic. Anton Malloth, 88, was booked in May on suspicion of shooting a laborer for hiding a cauliflower inside his jacket.

Bank's Shoah heirs can search by name

NEW YORK (JTA) — Swiss banks plan to publish the names on some 26,000 dormant accounts that are believed to belong to Holocaust victims, the Swiss Bankers Association said.

The list, to be published early next year, would be the third released by the banks, which have agreed to pay out the funds to the original account holders or their heirs.

The banks have already published the names on some 60,000 dormant accounts. The World Jewish Congress has estimated that several million dollars has already been paid to account holders.