Call at Knesset anniversary plenum is Burg must go

"We are not the same just nation and ideal society we once were," he said.

The Knesset has been discussing this week urgent motions on its agenda regarding Burg's planned visit to the Palestinian Authority council.

Burg said Monday he plans to make the visit whether a majority of the Knesset supports it or not. In an interview with Army Radio the same day, Burg said it would be "correct" to say that he would address the Palestinian council even if the Knesset declares its opposition to his appearance.

In a meeting of the Knesset presidium, Burg agreed to a demand of coalition leaders that a debate on the matter be held on the legislative floor at least a week before his visit.

On Tuesday, the House Committee began considering a request by several legislators to block Burg from traveling to Ramallah.

During Monday's Knesset session, more controversy was triggered by a speech by Knesset member Ahmed Tibi of the Arab Movement for Change.

Tibi said democracy is practiced only for Jews in Israel. "Peoples always overcome occupation," he said.

Knesset member Michael Kleiner walked out of the plenum when Tibi began his speech, saying he had called the chief of General Staff a "murderer."

Kleiner had asked Burg to cancel Tibi's speech, calling him Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's spokesman.