Al-Qaida letter says Zionists main target

JERUSALEM — In a letter to all "jihad fighters," al-Qaida instructed its members to abduct "Zionists" and carry out suicide bombings at embassies and airports around the world. The letter, which appeared on a Web site identified with al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, called on members to rid the world of "non-believers."

"Attempts must be made to abduct hostages, one or two Americans or Zionists, focus on abducting journalists or famous people in order to pressure [the U.S. or Israel]," it said. It ordered members to target embassies all over the world that belong to "enemies," suggesting missile attacks against the buildings as "some of the embassies are located in areas suitable for missile attacks."

The letter then gives several examples of different ways to carry out attacks, including cars bombs detonated by remote control, or several suicide bombers who detonate simultaneously to create a "greater effect."

It calls on all those affiliated with al-Qaida to strengthen and unite with the jihad in the Philippines, and not to neglect "brothers" in Indonesia and Turkistan. Two weeks ago bin Laden's deputy Aiman Zwahiri published his latest book, "Trust and Determination in Islam — Belief Transferred from Generation to Generation in a Lost Reality."

He called for jihad against the U.S., coalition partners, and Israel as part of a plan to get rid of the "non-believers" from Islamic land and then spread the Islamic message throughout the world. Zwahiri also said that a "nuclear attack is the only way to kill Americans."

Meanwhile, on Monday security forces arrested a number of Palestinian fugitives in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. One of the fugitives, arrested at the Gush Katif junction, was in possession of a detonator for a Kassam rocket.