Israel, U.S. play the bad guys in Hezbollah video game

Players in the first stage will undergo basic training at unspecified camps as a prelude to being sent into the field on combat missions.

The second part of the game is reported to involve preparing and then carrying out an attack on a position of the now disbanded South Lebanese Army, former allies of Israel.

Players receive instructions from the "operations room"of Hezbollah's fighting arm, the Islamic Resistance.

In the third part of the game, players will receive instructions to stage a special operation to repulse an Israel Defense Force commando raid in Lebanon.

According to the report, the game's designers have chosen the Merkava tank as one of the symbols of Israel's armory.

Hezbollah fighters will be equipped with pistols, Kalashnikov rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, knives, and sniper rifles.

The report says the Hezbollah computer game will go on sale later this month and that the CDs will be in four languages — Arabic, English, French and Farsi.