Argentine Jews skeptical after 4 JCC indictments

While local connections to the attack are still being checked, the investigating judge, Juan Jose Galeano, last week asked Interpol to arrest four former Iranian government employees for allegedly helping to plan the attack.

Galeano said he is certain "radical elements from the Iranian Republic" were behind the attack.

The indicted men are Iran's former cultural attache in Buenos Aires, Mohsen Rabbani; a former security and intelligence minister, Ali Fallahijan; and former diplomats Ali Balesh Abadi and Ali Akbar Parvaresh.

Galeano's refusal to file indictments against the highest Iranian officials drew criticism from Argentine Jewish leaders.

Jewish leaders here and abroad have said Argentina's inability to find the culprits is due to incompetence, corruption and anti-Semitism among security and government officials.

Nothing was done while the accused Iranians were still in Argentina and could have been arrested, Reisfeld said.

None of the men still lives in Argentina, and it is unlikely they will be arrested unless they travel outside of Iran.

"In addition, there are no international agreements that would guarantee that they will actually be extradited and judged," Reisfeld said. "It's utopian to think they'll be caught. Personally, I'm not happy or hopeful."