War Report Jenin plaza named for bomber in Iraq

"We want to honor the brave Iraqi officer who carried out the first suicide attack against the American and British occupiers," a senior Palestinian official in Jenin said.

Barak says Baghdad site of chemical arms

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Ehud Barak told an Australian audience that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction may be hidden in Baghdad.

The former Israeli prime minister said last week that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein knew he eventually would have to retreat to Baghdad, and therefore had ordered all non conventional weapons brought to the Iraqi capital.

Barak said every serious intelligence agency has "hard evidence" that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction.

1,200 women called up on emergency orders

JERUSALEM (JPS) — For the first time in the history of Israel, the army issued 1,200 females emergency call-ups for reserve duty.

Col. Benny Dor, the Homefront Command's Adjutancy Officer, said "the response was overwhelming, not one person refused."

The women were called to service March 26 and 27, he said, adding "we called them up the night before to inform them and the following day everyone showed up."

Dor noted that in accordance with the law those who receive emergency call-up papers are required to serve for an unlimited period.

Israel-Iraq oil line may be reopened

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel is considering reactivating a pipeline that runs from Haifa to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

National Infrastructure Minister Yosef Paritzky requested an assessment of the condition of the oil pipeline in the event of a friendly postwar regime in Iraq, the daily Ha'aretz reported.

The line has been out of use since 1948.