World Report

SYDNEY (JTA) — An Australian Jew lodged a complaint with the country's broadcasting authority after a radio station used an "Auschwitz dilemma" as part of a game show.

The radio station asked participants whether they would save their daughter or mother if given the choice in Auschwitz.

The station later apologized for the show.

Brazilian Jews form anti-missionary group

RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Brazilian Jews have formed an anti-missionary group.

The main goal of Judeus Pelo Judaismo is to fight the increasing activity of Christian missionaries who want to convert Jews in the South American country.

In Brasilia, Brazil's capital, Christian missionary groups attempt to speak on behalf of the Jewish community, and some even dress like Orthodox Jews.

At Rio de Janeiro beaches, leaflets have been distributed inviting Jews to believe in Jesus and for non-Jews to become "Messianic Jews."

Brazil inaugurates Jewish social center

RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — A Jewish center for young adults was inaugurated in Brazil.

The recently inaugurated center in Sao Paulo features a bar, Internet cafe, library, auditorium and game room, and will host lectures, courses, happy hours and sports activities.

The center is aimed at Jews aged 18 to 30.

French official decries anti-Semitic protesters

PARIS (JTA) — French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy visited the offices of a Zionist youth movement in Paris where two Jewish youths were beaten up during an anti-war demonstration in March.

Addressing the upper house of the French legislature April 3, Sarkozy also condemned demonstrators who had carried flags showing a swastika in the middle of an Israeli flag.

Sarkozy said it was disgraceful that a swastika should be associated with "one of the world's great democracies."