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PRAGUE (JTA) — Czech police arrested a man who painted swastikas with his own blood in a hospital waiting room in the town of Pilsen.

Police said the man, 23, had arrived over the weekend in a drunken state and had painted Nazi symbols using blood from his injured hand.

He has been charged with promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedom. Police have yet to establish a motive for the crime.

Wiesenthal officially closes Nazi hunt

BUDAPEST (JTA) — Simon Wiesenthal said his work tracking down Nazis and their collaborators is finished.

"I found the mass murderers I was looking for, and I have outlived all of them," Wiesenthal, 94, told the Austrian magazine Format.

"If there's a few I didn't look for, they are now too old and fragile to stand trial.''

Wiesenthal tracked down hundreds of Nazi war criminals, and played a role in capturing Adolf Eichmann.

Born in what is now Ukraine, Wiesenthal spent World War II in labor and concentration camps.

Controversy closes WWII exhibition

BUDAPEST (JTA) — A controversial museum exhibit depicting a wartime Hungarian leader was closed down.

The criticism of "Soldiers of Horthy — Arrow Cross People of Szalasi," which depicts fascist wartime leader Ferenc Szalasi and his followers as heroes, closed April 19 after private collectors withdrew items on loan for the exhibit.

Szalasi unleashed terror on the Jews after coming to power in 1944.

Hitler's birthday brings hate for Jews

VILNIUS (JTA) — A Jewish community building in Lithuania was attacked.

In what has become an annual attack around the time of Adolf Hitler's birthday — April 20 — swastikas were scrawled on the community building in the seaport town of Klaipeda.

Lithuanian security officials said the incident likely was the work of one of two extremist groupings in the city.

Hitler birthday rally brings neo-Nazi arrests

BERLIN (JTA) — German police arrested seven people at a march commemorating Hitler's birthday.

Three neo-Nazis and four counter-demonstrators were arrested Sunday at the rally in the city of Weimar.

Some 150 neo-Nazis and approximately 600 counter-demonstrators showed up, police said.

Auschwitz museum in Japan reopens

TOKYO (JTA) — A Holocaust museum reopened in Japan. The Auschwitz Museum, which has been closed since March 2002 after the land on which it was built was sold, is now in the town of Shirakawa.

It contains about 100 exhibits of photographs and personal effects from Auschwitz.

The museum is the brainchild of Shinshin Aoki, a Japanese man who decided to build the museum after visiting Auschwitz in Poland.