80% of IDF women claim harassment

Brig.-Gen. Susie Yogev, the IDF's adviser on the status of women, said the study was the first in-depth survey of the problem. Yogev said her office would soon be launching an information campaign against harassment.

Knesset committee chairwoman Gila Gamliel, a Likud Party representative, called on the IDF to boost its efforts to educate all soldiers about the crime of sexual harassment. She also said the IDF should stiffen its punishment against offenders.

Only one-third of the women in the survey said they believed that officers make efforts to halt sexual harassment, and only 50 percent believe that the IDF conducts thorough investigations. The survey concluded that the lack of faith in the system is the cause of the low rate of reporting of sexual harassment incidents.

The survey had a margin of error of 3 percent.