Mideast Report

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Conservative synagogue in Jerusalem was vandalized. Hebrew words, which translate as "A mixed synagogue for the rabble," were found scrawled on a bulletin board at Kehilat Ya'ar Ramot on Thursday.

Another liberal Jerusalem synagogue was vandalized recently, and Kehilat Ya'ar Ramot has been vandalized several times in the past, including an arson attack three years ago.

Sharon to charities: 'We're not starving'

JERUSALEM (JPS) — There is no starvation in Israel, and charity organizations raising money abroad should not say there is, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Sunday.

While praising the organizations for the work they are doing, he said that in the last few months some of them have mentioned hunger in literature used to raise overseas contributions.

"There is no starvation," Sharon said. "There is poverty, but no starvation."

Frenchmen deported over bombing ties

JERUSALEM (JPS) — Two French nationals with suspected ties to the two British Muslims who carried out the April 30 suicide bombing in Mike's Place pub in Tel Aviv have been deported from Israel, Jerusalem police revealed Sunday night.

The two suspects, an Algerian-born Muslim and a Christian, were arrested in an eastern Jerusalem hotel two days after the attack that killed three people.

A gag order that was imposed on the case was lifted Monday morning.

The two French tourists who were identified only by their first names, Kamal and Emmanuel, told Shin Bet investigators that they knew the two British bombers but said they did not know of their intentions to carry out a suicide bombing, police said.

A search of their hotel room uncovered several M-16 cartridges, pictures of them with the bombers and with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, pictures of police sappers dealing with a suspicious object and photos of the two donning skullcaps at the Western Wall.

Israel frees prisoners in goodwill gesture

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israeli army freed some 100 Palestinian prisoners Tuesday as part of conciliatory gestures toward the Palestinians.

The prisoners released Tuesday included the longest held detainee, Ahmed Jubarah, also known as Abu Sukar, who spent 28 years in jail for his role in a 1975 refrigerator bombing in downtown Jerusalem that killed 13 people and wounded 70 others.