Russian TV gets

into Jewish history

moscow (jta) | Russian state television is airing a weekly show devoted to Russian Jewish history.

“Jewish Question: Russian Answer,” which will be arranged in chronological order from ancient times to the present, was launched in late September. The 30-minute episodes are aired in prime time on Mondays on the Russian State Television Company’s Kultura channel.

The show will run for at least several months, producers said.

Jews in governor’s

hometown dismiss Hitler charge

graz, austria (ap) | Jews in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian hometown said Monday that allegations the movie star-turned-California governor-elect ever professed admiration for Adolf Hitler are ludicrous.

Others gathering in the community center between Yom Kippur prayer services told The Associated Press they are convinced that the actor’s opposition to anti-Semitism has always been genuine.

Russian Jew

wins Nobel

for physics

moscow (jta) | A Russian Jewish scientist has been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Vitaly Ginzburg was honored “for pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids,” the Nobel Prize committee said. He shares the 2003 prize with another Russian scientist, Alexei Abrikosov, now working in the United States, and with British-born American researcher Anthony Leggett.

Ginzburg, 87, who is affiliated with the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow, has been a member of the board of the Russian Jewish Congress since 1996.


T-shirts revamped,

back in stores

hong kong (jta) | A Hong Kong retailer that issued Nazi-themed clothing has revamped the line and sent the controversial garb back to stores.

The fashion company, which goes by the name, printed anti-war slogans over swastikas and other slogans that originally adorned the clothes.