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Arafat invested in

Israeli venture capital

jerusalem (jta) | Yasser Arafat reportedly invested $8 million in an Israeli and U.S. venture capital fund.

Arafat invested the millions in Evergreen III LP, a fund based in the Cayman Islands that has major Israeli stakeholders, and Canaan Partners, a U.S.-based fund that bankrolled several Israeli startups, according to “60 Minutes” and Ha’aretz.

Zionist state of depression?

jerusalem (jta) | One in seven Israelis is clinically depressed, a new study found.

The poll of 500 respondents, published Tuesday to mark Israeli Mental Health Week, indicated that 10 percent of the population feels “life is not worth living,” while a full 60 percent showed symptoms of depression.

The New Wave polling firm determined that 13 percent of Israelis could be considered clinically depressed.