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Tolerance exhibit destroyed in Florida

washington (jta) | A display sponsored by the Florida Holocaust Commission was defaced.

All but one of 39 billboard-sized panels were slashed or defaced with racist graffiti in a St. Petersburg, Fla., park over the weekend, The New York Times reported.

The display, part of an art exhibit promoting international brotherhood, toured Europe and Africa without incident. The exhibit is expected to travel around the United States.

Hillary Clinton: Israeli tactics bad for Iraq

washington (jta) | Israeli military tactics haven’t worked against the Palestinians and shouldn’t be used in Iraq, Sen. Hillary Clinton said.

The U.S. military has blockaded troublesome villages with barbed wire fence and has demolished buildings suspected to be sniper nests.

Reports have said that Israeli advisers were involved in training U.S. troops in such tactics, though the Pentagon will not confirm that.

“Many of us were taken aback when we saw that article and we saw the barbed wire and the fence,” the New York Democrat told the Council on Foreign Relations last week.

“It is very hard to build any fence that’s going to keep a terrorist out. That is certainly the tragic lesson of Israel’s efforts against terrorism over all these years.”