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Ottawa Jews learn of planned attack

jerusalem (jta) | Hamas and Hezbollah agents planned to attack Jewish targets in Ottawa in 1999, according to a 90-page report by the CIA.

The plan by agents stationed in South America’s “tri-border area,” at the junction of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, was foiled when the suspects were rounded up by Argentine authorities. They were later released.

In 2002, Ottawa police increased surveillance of local Jewish institutions after receiving threats against a synagogue, but there is no indication that the threats were related to the earlier plot. The Canadian capital boasts a Jewish population of about 13,000.

Israelis, Palestinians can join film academy

berlin (jta) | The European Film Academy announced Tuesday that it will now accept Israeli and Palestinian members.

The decision, made public at the Berlin International Film Festival, means both groups are eligible for Europe’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. It is part of a trend toward embracing “Mediterranean countries which have natural and historical cinema relations with Europe,” Humbert Balsan, chairman of the board of the Berlin-based academy, said in a media statement.

Museum of tolerance to be built in Brazil

sao paulo, brazil (jta) | The city will get a Museum of Tolerance, modeled after the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

The museum will be established on a university campus, according to historian Anita Novinsky, the project’s leader. B’nai B’rith is supporting the project. It is unknown when the museum will open.