Shorts: Mideast

10 Orthodox Israelis are rampage suspects

jerusalem (jta) | Five fervently Orthodox Israelis, including two minors, are in police custody as suspects in an anti-Arab riot over Purim.

Police said that 10 male members of the Bratslav Chasidic group are believed to have attacked Arabs in Jerusalem during the March festival.

There were no serious casualties in the rampage.

According to legal sources, the suspects are known to have links to extreme right-wing groups.

Israeli Arabs nabbed in Iraq, report says

jerusalem (jta) | Two Israeli Arabs reportedly were abducted by insurgents in Iraq.

The report came as details emerged about many foreigners held by Iraqi insurgents.

There were no further details available on the two Israelis, but earlier reports said that, because of their language skills, dozens of Israeli Arabs help transport oil overland from Israel’s ports into Iraq.