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Synagogue bomb found near Paris

paris (jta) | A bomb was discovered Friday, May 7, at a synagogue near Paris.

The device, described by police as of “small dimension and very amateur,” was placed in the grounds of the synagogue at Villiers-le-Bel, north of the capital.

It was found by a synagogue member shortly before evening services. The bomb had been placed in a bag inscribed with a swastika and the words “Boom anti-Jews.”

The incident followed an attack on a Jewish war memorial in eastern France earlier that day.

Britain’s new lord rabbi is a woman

london (jta) | Rabbi Julia Neuberger is to become the first female rabbi and the second rabbi of either gender to serve in Britain’s House of Lords.

A health-care activist, Neuberger joins the upper chamber of the United Kingdom’s legislature for the Liberal Democrat Party.

Olympics Web site’s capital brouhaha

athens (jta) | Israel is not given a capital on the official Olympics Web site. Instead, gives an asterisk, which refers to a footnote on the bottom of the page giving a link to the U.N. Web site.

The U.N. site says that the U.N. position on Jerusalem is in Resolution 181, which calls for international control of the city. Several months ago, the Olympics site listed “Jerusalem” as the capital of “Palestine,” while Israel had an empty slot.

After complaints from an Israeli politician, the Israeli capital was listed as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem was taken away from the Palestinian slot, the Jerusalem Post reported.