Shorts: Mideast

The big cheese — cake, that is

jerusalem (jta) | What is believed to be the largest cheesecake in the world was baked in Haifa for Shavuot.

The cake measured more than three yards in diameter and more than one yard high. Dairy food traditionally is eaten on Shavuot.

Khadhafy miffed about ‘Israteen’

jerusalem (jta) | Libyan leader Moammar Khadhafy walked out of an Arab League summit that ended Sunday, May 23.

Khadhafy walked out in part because the 22-member summit refused to consider a proposal he made a few years ago that the Israelis and Palestinians form a joint state called Israteen, The New York Times reported.

Before ending the meeting, the league did approve a vaguely worded proposal calling for a revival of Middle East peace initiatives.

Parrots missing from zoo in Rafah

jerusalem (jta) | A zoo appears to have been a casualty of Israel’s raid in a Gaza Strip refugee camp.

Forty-five parrots were reported missing from the Brazil zoo in Rafah. Reports of the missing birds came after several animals reportedly were killed when Israeli soldiers occupied the zoo. Israeli officials say the birds were freed so they wouldn’t be killed by explosives.

Looking for a few good spies

jerusalem (jta) | Mossad has launched a Web site. Israel’s spy agency went online starting Monday, May 24, in an effort to boost recruitment.

The new Web site,, boasts job openings ranging from “special agent” to “English-speaking waiter.” The site’s texts are available in Hebrew and English.

A precedent-setting newspaper ad circulated by the agency in 2000 called for applicants to become Mossad case officers.

Report: too early to clear Sharon

jerusalem (jta) | Israel’s Justice Ministry denied reports that the nation’s top prosecutor has decided to clear Ariel Sharon in a corruption case.

After Israeli media reported that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz likely would close the case against Israel’s prime minister, the Justice Ministry said Tuesday, May 25, that a decision is still pending.

Mazuz is expected to decide by June 15 whether to indict Sharon in connection with a case in which a businessman is suspected of trying to bribe him in exchange for help in buying a Greek island resort.