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London attacks probed

london (jta) | Recent attacks on Jews in London were linked, British police said.

Police said they are looking for a group of Asian and black men who allegedly committed several assaults in the Stamford Hill section of north London in the past two months.

Ukrainian Jewish girls recover

kiev (jta) | Two Ukrainian Jewish girls are recovering from injuries received in an anti-Semitic attack earlier this month.

Natasha Zhvakalyuk, 11, underwent surgery on her nose, and Sveta Abramovich, 16, received medical treatment for a concussion. Both girls have left the hospital.

The two were among a group of Orthodox children attacked earlier this month in southern Ukraine. Thirteen students from a Chabad Jewish day school in Simferopol, accompanied by two adults, were beaten by two dozen young men, ages 17 to 20 years, as they were coming home from services Jan. 8.

According to witnesses, the attackers shouted “Here are the Jews!” The incident went unreported in the local or national media. Local police reportedly arrested one of the alleged attackers.

Rabbi attacked in Moscow

moscow (jta) | Russian Jews were shocked by anti-Semitic attacks against Chasidic Jews.

Last week’s attacks occurred in the Marina Roscha neighborhood, just outside the city center, home to Moscow’s largest Jewish facility.

Alexander Lakshin, the rabbi who is spearheading the anti-missionary activities of the Russian Jewish community as president of the Magen League, was beaten by a group of youths who shouted “kike” while kicking him and hitting him with bottles.

Lakshin, who was born in St. Petersburg and worked for the Jewish Community Relations Council in New York City, is recuperating in Moscow’s American Medical Center. He received multiple head injuries. A bone in his lower back was broken.