Surfing the Web for Tu BShevat

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Plug “Tu B’Shevat” into a search engine and you get thousands of hits. As the New Year of the trees has grown in popularity, more resources for the holiday have landed on the Internet. Here are five of our favorites:

• Calition of the Environment and Jewish Life ( Suggests how to make the values of the holiday resonate in everyday life.

• Jew and the Carrot ( Provides readers a lengthy list of ideas to spruce up a Tu B’Shevat seder, such as encouraging guests to make sustainability goals (that you collect and mail to them at Passover).

• Jewish National Fund ( Lists a variety of hands-on activities to engage children of all ages in Tu B’Shevat seders and celebrations. Haggadahs are also available for download.

• My Jewish Learning ( Tips for how to observe Tu B’Shevat in four ways — traditional, mystical, ecological and Zionist.

• Ritual Well ( Suggests rituals and offers full-length ceremonies for your seder.

Tu B' Shevat seders honor New Year of the Trees