Time running out on matching offer

With 2009 fast approaching, the clock is running out on a $1 million matching grant for the Jewish Community Federation of the Greater East Bay, which expires on New Year’s Eve.

Funded by the Goodman Family Supporting Foundation, the federation’s $1 million matching grant applies to any 2008 annual campaign gift increase, as well as to any first-time gifts of more than $100 to the campaign. Monies raised go to the permanent community endowment of the Jewish Community Foundation.

The Goodman Family Supporting Foundation is a supporting organization of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Greater East Bay. This year, the federation’s permanent community endowment has made grants to scholarship aid, special needs services, emergency assistance to Jews in need, Israel advocacy and synagogue outreach.

“I feel strongly that the Jewish community is in need of strengthening and broadening,” said Richard Goodman. “I feel like I’m leveraging the grant, and the donor feels like he’s doubling his contribution. It’s a win-win.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the matching fund should call Aviva Kellman at (510) 318-6424.