Lebanon breaks hummus, tabbouleh records

Lebanese chefs have broken two Guinness records, one for the world’s largest plate of hummus and the other for the biggest bowl of tabbouleh.

Some 250 chefs and chefs in training created the hummus Oct. 24 using 2,976 pounds of chickpeas and 13,525 ounces of lemon juice, according to the French news agency AFP. The final dish weighed in at more than 2 tons.

The previous record was held by an Israeli food production company.

The next day, the tabbouleh came in at 7,841 pounds, more than 3 tons.

A statement issued before the event said the attempt to break the records was aimed at “reaffirming the Lebanese proprietorship of these two dishes.” Lebanon accuses Israel of stealing the product and marketing it as Israeli, according to the Associated Press. Its exact origin is unknown, though presumed to be Arab. — jta