Retreat aims to help couples build strong marriages

The Whizin Center for Continuing Education of the American Jewish University will host “Marriage: For Life,” a weekend experience in “relationship building,” Feb. 5 to 7 at its Brandeis-Bardin campus, a retreat center near Simi Valley in Southern California.

The weekend retreat will have programs specific to three types of couples.

“Making Marriage Work” will be for couples who are considering marriage, are engaged or are recently married. The retreat seeks to arm them with skills necessary to strengthen their relationships and create successful families.

“Newly Married” will be for couples to refresh and strengthen a young marriage.

“Marriage Check-Up” will be for couples married for two to 10 years and will focus on communication, conflict resolution, family planning, love, sex and money management.

All tracks are open to Jewish and interfaith couples and include sessions with a licensed therapist, rabbi and financial planner. Interfaith couples will attend sessions with the rabbi dealing with issues pertinent to their particular situation.

The retreat costs $300 per couple. For more information or to register, check