In Israel, 1 in 4 survivors in poverty

A report published May 1 ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day revealed that 60,000 out of 208,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel are indigent, despite a 160 percent increase in the scope of financial aid given to survivors of Nazi atrocities.

The report, published by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims, also shows that some 10 percent of Holocaust survivors receive nursing aid in addition to a social security pension.

According to the data, some 13,000 survivors died in 2011, and the number of survivors is estimated to decrease by more than 30 percent to about 145,000 by the

year 2015.

A recent poll indicates that some 40 percent of survivors feel lonely frequently, and a similar number find it difficult to leave the house for errands and shopping.

Following the publication of the report, FBHC chairman Elazar Stern warned that “the younger generation will not forgive us if we don’t give the older generation the proper care it deserves.” —