We can do better than Kushner

If Tony Kushner is one of our greatest living playwrights as your editorial states — yikes (“Kushner degree fiasco points up challenges in Israel discourse,” May 13)! I’m still sore with Tony Kushner over the screenplay he wrote for Steven Spielberg’s “Munich.” Kushner took a Jewish Israeli tragedy and scandalously made it into a Palestinian propaganda film, where Jewish Mossad agents are bent out of shape with guilt over hunting down the murderers of the Israeli Olympic team — as if Palestinians themselves would ever bring these terrorists to justice.

   The part that irked me the most: Without any equally compelling speech from any Israeli Jew, Kushner wrote in a passionate three-minute sermon by a Palestinian wearing the proverbial key around his neck — the symbol for a house he wants to return to in Israel. This character, Ali, accuses Jews of turning Palestinians into animals in cages; of exploiting Holocaust guilt to steal land; that European Jews don’t know what it is not to have a home — that “home is everything.”

   Where are the playwrights and artists who will remind us about our heroes and our ties to the land of Israel? It is they who should be getting honors and awards.

Sheree Roth   |   Palo Alto


College kids can be advocates

Having two sisters that currently attend U.C. Irvine, I have become aware of the issues that students face on campus when it comes to standing up for Israel. Many do not realize how difficult it may be, especially in Irvine with a very strong pro-Palestinian group, to represent Israel on campus.

   A huge problem, as stated in “College-bound kids can become Israel advocates” (May 13), is that students do not have the wisdom to make any statements or arguments. But through organizations that prepare teens for such a conflict likely to occur during their college career, knowledge will be passed on and will continue to grow. I know that when I attend college in a little over a year, I will want the most information possible to become an advocate for Israel on campus.

   As there continue to be workshops such as “Israel: Everything You Need to Know Before Going to College,” becoming an advocate for Israel can be made possible. I enjoyed seeing and reading this article, and I hope it inspires others to stand up for Israel as well, on and off campus.

Maya Turkenitz   |   Redwood Shores


Glad to see GOP coverage

I was glad to read Ron Kampeas’ coverage of the Republican Jewish Coalition leadership retreat (“Party standouts make pitch to Jewish Republicans,” April 8) .

   There is no question about the growing support for the Republican party among the Jews. Unfortunately, many of the more liberal Jewish media chose to ignore that fact. They like to present a picture of “why the Jews are liberal” or “why the Jews vote for liberal candidates,” as if this is a fact that applies to almost all Jews.

   This is wrong and misleading. A large and growing percentage of our community does not appreciate the Obama administration and does support Republican values and Republican candidates.

   It is refreshing and encouraging to see that your paper recognizes and agrees to acknowledge the fact that we are not all Democrats, we are not all liberal and it would be appropriate to present more balanced coverage of the political views of our Jewish community. Many of us strongly dislike Obama and are very proud active Republicans. Our views and participation should get a fair amount of recognition.

Ricki Alon   |   Los Altos Hills