Our house, your bris

We invite any San Francisco family to circumcise their son in our home in Marin County if the city prohibition passes. Our home is in Larkspur, just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, we love hosting Jewish events, and there’s plenty of easy, free parking. As a bonus, the drinks are on us — you bring the mohel, we’ll bring the Manischewitz!

Our covenant with God and our people will never be defeated.

Ken and Felicia Kramarz   |   Larkspur


Circumcision question

Why don’t those who advocate a ban on male circumcision (“JCRC launches campaign to defeat S.F. circumcision ban,” June 3) also call for a ban on female circumcision? Female sexual mutilation robs women of sexual pleasure, a much worse consequence than anything resulting from male circumcision, which is overwhelmingly safe and usually without significant pain.

Edward Tamler, M.D.   |   San Mateo


Shame on congressman

Throughout my long life, I have “shepped nachas” whenever Jews have been spotlighted in the media for their accomplishments and talents. These uplifting moments were rare but especially gratifying when a person named Weiner made the celebrity cut as a medical research maven or Israeli military hero; even when a non-Weiner such as Sen. Joe Lieberman was nominated as a vice-presidential candidate.

Today, I am sick at heart to see that Weiner, my family name, is justifiably an object of scandalous derision and defamation.

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter and email messages heralding one’s private parts to young women betray a sick aberration. When asked by the press for his motivation, he lied like a petty criminal pleading for a minimum sentence.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation. She should display a flicker of ethical courage by insisting that Weiner promptly resign. Instead, thus far she and the Democratic congressional leadership have circled the wagons in hopes that the icy-chilled critical glare of ominously nasty press assaults will fade.

Anthony Weiner has unleashed a flood-tide of shame on the Jewish people and deserves nothing less than a total shunning by all of us.

Ernest H. Weiner    |   Berkeley


‘Troubled’ support for Israel

The June 2 j. editorial (“Stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel — at the Gardens”) declared that “the drumbeat of anti-Israel fervor continues to grow louder every year.”

Too true. But it’s also true the world lauded Israel when it fought its War of Independence in 1948-49.

Why the shift? Perhaps Israel now is perceived as an arrogant Goliath, rather than the plucky David of old.

Today, the country’s settlers persist in gobbling up parcels of Arab land, the ultra-Orthodox continue to chip away at

Israel’s democratic institutions, and Netanyahu continues to peremptorily dismiss Obama’s attempts to fashion a peace void of inordinate risk to Israel’s security.

Most U.S. Jews, I think, go along with Netanyahu, but few strike me as untroubled. As we near the U.N’s virtually certain approval of the resolution favoring a Palestinian state, that troubled spirit will — I think — become more and more pronounced.

Perhaps then we can all take another look at President Obama’s proposals.

Lester Gorn   |    Pacific Grove

Editor will be missed Marc Klein is a mensch.

He will be sorely missed (“Editor Klein retiring from j.; will stay through transition,” May 27) for his incisive wit and candid approach to the world of journalism from a Jewish perspective.

His wit and charm pervaded his work and made reading him, whether you agreed on the subject or not, a very interesting and fascinatingly provocative experience.

I, and the Jewish community in the Bay Area, and indeed people nationwide, owe him a great debt of gratitude for his untiring efforts to illuminate and educate us on so many varied subjects. Marc, enjoy and revel in your retirement. You have certainly earned it.

Dave Sauberman   |   Martinez

‘Jerusalem is ours’ — no questions need be asked

I am 86 years of age and a combat veteran of World War II. I was a bombardier on one of 300 B-29 bombers that laid waste to Tokyo in March of 1945. When I was ordered to fly that mission, I did not stop to consider the “rights” of the Japanese who made war on the United States.

We are fortunate that mission and other battles were not fought by persons of  this “human rights” ilk. It does not require a diplomatic or military expert to conceive of the result that this group’s philosophy would bring if it had control of Israel’s government and military.

The centuries of Jewish compliance and fearfulness lest we face up to aggression are over. Jerusalem is ours! — as are the lands brave Israelis fought for and won. The path of these do-gooders leads only to calamity. Their time is long past.

Seymour R. Appleby   |   Danville


Abbas has hidden agenda

Why won’t President Abbas say the six words “I will accept a Jewish state”? The answer to this question should answer all questions as to why there is no peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

For years the Palestinian Authority has taught its people that Israel is illegitimate. Its maps and books refer to Haifa and Jaffa as Arab cities. Now they are united with Hamas. They insist that in order for them to agree to a Palestinian state alongside Israel, Israel must agree to accept millions of more Arabs. Such a demand is inconsistent with the goal of a Palestinian state unless that state is to encompass Israel as well.

By agreeing that Israel is a Jewish country, the Palestinians would be conceding that the conflict is over and that their goal of driving her into the sea has failed. By not agreeing to this demand they are reinforcing the widespread perception in Israel, as enunciated by Prime Minister Netanyahu, that they are not ready for a real peace with Israel.

Some ask why Netanyahu added this condition now. The better question is why previous leaders didn’t insist on it before.

Gil Stein   |   Aptos