U.N. report: Iran caught smuggling weapons

Iran has been caught 10 times in recent years smuggling weapons to terrorist groups, according to the United Nations.

A U.N. report, the contents of which were revealed June 10 in the Jerusalem Post, was prepared for the U.N. Security Council and reviews the effects of the council’s sanctions on Iran for refusing to make transparent its nuclear program.

Included in the report are mentions of instances of Iran smuggling weapons that ultimately reached Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Post said.

The report also revealed that Iran test-launched two long-range missiles this year.

Separately, the Obama administration June 9 added three major Iranian security bodies to its sanctions list for human rights violations. They are the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the Iranian police and the Basij Militia, an organization consisting of volunteer enforcers. The Basij was singled out for its brutality against protesters in the wake of June 2009 elections that were widely seen as rigged. — jta