Greeces Jewish community warns of return to fascism

Greece’s Jewish community warned that the election of a neo-Nazi party to parliament posed a “serious blow” to Greek democracy and called on fellow citizens to oppose the return of fascism.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece said May 8 in a statement that it believed “the May 6 election of those nostalgic for fascism and Nazism was a serious blow for Greek democracy.”

The extreme-right Golden Dawn party, whose flag closely resembles the Nazi swastika, received 21 seats in parliament, the first time it passed the threshold to enter the legislative body. It campaigned heavily on an anti-immigrant platform under the slogan: “So we can rid this land of filth.”

“We are confident that our fellow citizens, the democratic forces in the Greek Parliament, the media and the spirit and culture of the people will continue to strive to combat racism, intolerance and anti-Semitism,” the Central Board’s statement said.

If no party can put together a coalition, the most likely scenario, then Greece will hold a new vote. — jta