Jewish leader murdered in Yemen

A Jewish community leader in Yemen was stabbed to death on May 22.

Harun Yusuf Zindani, 50, was attacked near the U.S. embassy in northeast Sanaa on May 22, according to his son Yehya. The victim, who was stabbed in the neck and stomach, died of his wounds.

Yehya alleged that the assailant was Muslim and the attacker was a “well-known person who says my father has ruined him and cast a spell on him.”

The Jewish community in Yemen numbered some 60,000 in 1948, but shrank significantly in the years following the establishment of the Israel. Today, some 300 Jews remain in the country.

Since 2007, authorities have moved members of the Jewish community from Saada in the north to a safer neighborhood in the capital near the U.S. Embassy. —