Photos of 100 Israeli pilots posted on Web

A pro-Palestinian website has published the names and photos of 100 Israeli air force pilots said to be on active duty.

The list appears on the website of the Free Palestine Movement. It also provides dates of birth and identity numbers of the pilots.

The movement’s website states it received the data “anonymously” along with a statement that reads in part, the pilots “have chosen to harness their skills in the spreading of mass destruction over towns and villages throughout Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. State protection renders them immune.” 

The statement recommends foreign governments prosecute the people on the list for “war crimes.”

Names and photos of Israel air force pilots are subject to military censorship in Israel.

Earlier this week, an Internet group called Remember Emad released what it said was a collection of credit card records, Facebook passwords, images of bank checks and email addresses belonging to Israelis.

The group wrote in a statement that its members had obtained the information by breaking into the computers of Webgate, an Israeli data storage and management firm. — jta