Bedouin teen likely victim of honor killing

A Bedouin man from southern Israel is the prime suspect in the murder of his

16-year-daughter, whose body was found in a well in the Kuseife community in the Negev.

The man is suspected of an act of “honor killing,” allegedly throwing his daughter down the well over what the family deemed an “undesirable romantic involvement.”

An investigation was launched after the father filed a missing persons report with the police Feb. 24, saying his daughter had disappeared. He expressed concerned that she might have fallen into a local well.

The girl’s body was found following extensive police searches. Her father was promptly arrested.

During his arraignment hearing, the police revealed that they had evidence suggesting the family was opposed to the girl’s romantic affair. The police said all leads point to the father, who has a violent criminal record.

The suspect’s attorney denied the charges. —