Dutch museums possess Nazi-looted art

Dozens of Dutch museums are in possession of at least 139 items with “problematic origins,” a special commission on stolen Holocaust-era art in the Netherlands has determined.

The list that the Committee for Museum Acquisitions from 1933 Onwards published Oct. 29 includes items in the hands of 41 museums, including world-famous institutions such as the Rijks Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, which have nine and 11 “problematic” items, respectively.

Sixty-one items were flagged because “of the name of the owners, and most of these 61 items belonged to Jews,” said Rudi Ekkart, the researcher who led the committee’s work.

Some of the items are works painted by well-known artists, including Isaac Israels and Adriaen Hanneman.

“We have no estimate as to the market worth of the items on the list, but it definitely includes very precious works by big names,” said Siebe Weide of the Netherlands Museums Associations. “The first step is to publish the results and ask anyone with additional information to help clarify the origins of the items.”

The full findings were published on the Dutch-language website www.musealeverwervingen.nl. The website will be translated into English in the near future. — jta