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Calendar of Events
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“Sweet Tea and the Southern Jew”

VIRTUAL A Wider Bridge 10th Anniversary Celebration

VIRTUAL “Religion and Gender in Education”

VIRTUAL “Religion and Gender in Higher Education in Israel”

VIRTUAL “Humboldt Jewish Music and Culture Festival”

VIRTUAL “Holocaust Survivors and the Next Generations”

VIRTUAL “The Mystical Exodus in Jungian Perspective”

“She’s a Woman”

“People Love Dead Jews”

VIRTUAL “Power of Song”


“Plant Trees with Canopy”

“ENGAJ Havdalah”

VIRTUAL Newborn Playgroup

“Tenets of Organic Farming: Fertility Management”

“Kosher N.Y.-Style Deli Night”

VIRTUAL “Riding the Roller Coaster of Life”

VIRTUAL “Assembly District 17: Special Election Jewish Community Candidate Forum”

VIRTUAL “The Broken Mishkan”

“The Power of Regret”

VIRTUAL “Shadows from the Valley of Death”

“American and Israeli Jews in Search of a Relevant Jewish Story”


A conversation with Helene Wecker

“Breaking Bread”

“For the Love of Art and Jazz”

VIRTUAL “Gala Ba’bayit: Jodi Gladstone”

VIRTUAL “LGBTQ 101 Session with Keshet”

VIRTUAL “The Venice Ghetto: A Memory Space That Travels”

“Culinary Club”


VIRTUAL “The Middle East Crisis: 1180 BCE”

VIRTUAL “Insights from Israel: Citizenship Education”

VIRTUAL “Art and Creativity in Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy”

VIRTUAL “A Tribute to Lorenz Hart”

VIRTUAL “Writing the Jewish Self: The Persistence of Identity in Conversion”

VIRTUAL “Loving v. Virginia”

VIRTUAL “Exploring Broadway: Pitter Patter”

VIRTUAL “How to Respond to Antisemitic Rhetoric in Social and Professional Situations”

Jewish Heritage Night at Cal basketball


VIRTUAL “Not Going Quietly”

VIRTUAL “Jewish Values in Action for Religion-State Separation”

“Tenets of Organic Farming: Irrigation and Crop Management”

“A Bintel Brief”

VIRTUAL “Hamantash Bake”

VIRTUAL “Art and Antisemitism”

VIRTUAL “Intelligent Life Beyond Earth”

VIRTUAL “Reimagining Diversity and Jewish Belonging”

VIRTUAL “Dybbuks, Robots and Golems: Exploring Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy”

VIRTUAL “Healthy Aging: Exploring Art”

VIRTUAL “How to Respond to Antisemitic Rhetoric in Social and Professional Situations”

VIRTUAL “Cooking with Doreet Jehassi”


VIRTUAL “The Survivor”

VIRTUAL “Virtual Tour of Israel”

VIRTUAL “American Shtetl: The Making of Kiryas Joel”

“How Architecture Tells”


“Mini Chefs Cooking Club”

“Purim in the Skies”

VIRTUAL “Religion and Gender in the Military”

VIRTUAL “Religion and Gender in the Israeli Military”


VIRTUAL “German Jews and the Persistence of Jewish Identity in Conversion”

“Why Do Jewish?”

“Contra Costa Mega Challah Bake”

VIRTUAL “52 Shabbats” book talk and demo

“California Wildflowers and Climate Change”


“Purim in the Park”

“Pop-Up Jewish New York Deli”

VIRTUAL “Virtual Tour of Israel”

“52 Shabbats: Friday Night Dinners Inspired by a Global Kitchen”

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